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SOCATOTS® is the world's first soccer specific physical play programme for children from six months to school age. Aimed at giving children their very first start with the ball. SOCATOTS® was developed by Simon Clifford and is a truly unique programme.


SOCATOTS® uses soccer or football as our medium and of course a child attending SOCATOTS® will greatly develop their skills in this area, however SOCATOTS® is about a great deal more than just developing a child's affinity and control with the ball, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development and developing the 'whole child'.


Attending SOCATOTS® classes has enormous benefits for young children and their parents, some of which are listed below:

Improvement of balance and co-ordination, as well as posture
Development of cognitive skills
Increased self confidence
Improved social skills
Enhanced muscle and bone development
More body awareness and understanding of the benefits of exercise



The benefits of taking part in SOCATOTS® go far beyond just the physical and research shows that children who are physically active from a young age are more likely to concentrate better in the classroom. Add this to SOCATOTS® focus on educational and social development as well as physical and soccer specific skills and you can see that SOCATOTS® really does give a great start to children.



SOCATOTS® sessions feature full parental participation and the emphasis is always on fun and structured play and development throughout each of the 3 SOCATOTS® phases: Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 .

All SOCATOTS® equipment is specially designed for children to develop physical skills of agility, balance and co-ordination, from skittles, hoops and bean bags to balance boards and balls specially designed by Mitre. Each activity is intended to improve motor skills and to do so in a fun, creative and safe way.


SOCATOTS® sessions are led by staff who have undergone comprehensive and regular SOCATOTS® training courses. This training covers the theory and background behind the SOCATOTS® philosophy as well as the core skills, exercises and games for all 3 phases. All SOCATOTS® staff have undergone full training in Child Protection, Health and Safety and possess the relevant First Aid qualifications for working with young children. SOCATOTS® is a registered body with the Criminal Records Bureau and all SOCATOTS® staff have successfully undergone enhanced Disclosure checks.

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