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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 15:40

Age is just a number


There is the belief that certain people are just simply born to do certain stuff. Gene Kelly was born to dance, Sir David Attenborough to brush up our geography and wildlife skills and finally Jeremy Clarkson to annoy every single person on this planet. But the main question on many people’s lips is - Was Diddy born to play the beautiful game? I’m not talking about P Diddy, but in fact little Diddy - the son of Harrogate Brazilian Football Academy head coach and loyal Garforth Town fan, Stuart Owen. Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS) Harrogate, which has a development link with Middlesbrough FC, is part of the largest football coaching organisation in the world, which started in 2003. Theo Walcott, Micah Richards and John Bostock are just some of the top players who have benefited from the syllabus.  

Recently, viewers on YouTube have been given the pleasure of witnessing footballing genius as 18 month old Diddy masters some of the most complex techniques in the modern game. Dad Stuart, whose videos and YouTubechannel are called - howtocoachdiddy, has put together a string of short clips of his son perfecting sporting techniques , ranging from chipping a goalkeeper  to accurately hitting both posts .

 Commenting on his video, Stuart said:

“I have worked with my baby son exploring, learning and having fun playing 8 different sports. We have attempted to master some of the most complex techniques of each sport. This is just a teaser from football. The time we spent playing was a fantastic way to strengthen my bond with Diddy. It also helped him to develop educational skills such as numeracy and I would recommend it to all parents. Diddy is now starting to read, tackle number work and his speech is way ahead of that of children of his age, quite astonishing.”

Stuart has had fun teaching Diddy Proficiency in 8 different sports and will be delighted that his son has the credentials to follow, if he chooses to, in the footsteps of previous Socatots participants, many signing for clubs like Leeds United. This year, 25% of Leeds United’s intake has come from Stuarts’ Harrogate Brazilian Football Academy and a trio of 8 years olds have found themselves recently singing for their Thorp Arch academy. Socatots is the world’s first footballing coaching programme for toddlers,set up by the influential Garforth Town Chairman Simon Clifford. The unique programme is designed with almost military precision, to make sure the main aim of helping the child progress in many aspects of life is achieved. These aspects , ranging from physical , educational and social , will  receive plenty of work and the participants will see the benefits like increased self-confidence and social skills , enhanced bone and muscle development and lastly know the benefits or exercise and a healthy , balanced diet.

So is little Diddy (a Town fan just like his dad) just a rare talent or is he the first of many to come out of these fascinating Brazilian Soccer Schools? 

By James Wade